Hello to all

I would be really interested in any feedback about a weather concept for outdoor/semi outdoor cats I had in mind which a university are now trying to help me develop. It literally came to me about three months ago when I was observing my nearly two year old cat and thinking to myself that I would simply go online and buy the product that I wanted for her - but it did not exist. That is when I went about trying to create a rudimentary product just for my cat before realising that it may be of interest to other people.

So the academic-engineer/university helping me to create a prototype wants some feedback - at least 200 responses. It has been hard going trying to get respondents which is understandable in the present climate when people have greater concerns. But, if anyone can help me out I would be appreciative. It takes about 3 to 4 minutes to complete. I do not ask personal information, data is only seen by myself and the academic and then deleted from the survey site once I have reached 200 participants. We are just interested in the raw data - not personal information.

Thank you if you can help!



Here is the survey link - hosted by Smart Surveys