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Cat attacking dog.

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  • Cat attacking dog.

    Hey guys any advice would be welcomed!

    I have a six year old Siamese cat named Ketana, and my boyfriend and I have a pit bull mix dog together named Zeus. We moved into an apartment about a year ago and while we were moving Ketana was being taken care of by my brother until we could get settled in. Long story short Ketana and Zeus met maybe 6 months ago.

    Zeus is very timid and tolerant of just about anything, he’s known as a Velcro dog. He has to be at your side at all times, he isn’t even the slightest bit aggressive. Ketana, she is strange for a cat, she is VERY clingy. She hates my boyfriend and the dog. So she literally is in my bubble at all times, whether it’s on my lap or just conveniently in the same 6 inch vicinity as I am. It’s flattering, but somewhat concerning because i had this idea that cats want space and they want to sleep all day. Not this girl!

    Anyway, so like I said Zeus is this timid will not even make eye contact avoid walking in her space at all costs kind of guy. But Ketana will occasionally get a wild hair and sniff his paws or just some random part of him, and he will not even move. The guy is super unbothered by her, but if he makes any movement at all she whacks him in the face.

    I’ve tried giving them their own safe spaces, and tried mixing their scents by petting one and then instantly petting the other. The cat even sleeps in his bed and goes after his food, he won’t even go near his bed if she’s in it! At the end of the day the cat just isn’t having it. It’s tough having two very needy pets, I don’t ever want to neglect one for the other! I’d love for us all to get along so everyone can be happy!

    Help please!
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    Re: Cat attacking dog.

    Hi Ashtonl9!

    I'm sorry to hear Zeus and Ketana are having trouble getting along. It's so unfortunate when pets decide they want to fight. I'm with you in wanting everyone to just be happy :)

    Anyway, sadly behavioural problems can be tricky to handle. A lot of times, behavioural problems occur when something has 'changed'. In your case, it sounds like Ketana isn't happy that she isn't the only animal in the house anymore. Seeing you said she is very clingy with you, you might be right with thinking she is getting jelous. However, it is hard for me to say without having met either of them.

    Another cause for behavioural changes is medical. I promise I don't intend to scare you, but it is always an option. Since our pets cannot tell us they have pain somewhere or are unwell, many begin to act out if they are sick.

    My recommendation is that you should go and talk to your veterinarian. Vets are trained to understand animal behaviour, and some are very talented in understanding the topic. If you wanted to, some clinics have behaviour consults where the vet is aware that you want to talk about a behavioural problem. So you could always ask your vet if this is something they will do. They will also be able to do a thorough physical examination, just to make sure nothing is wrong. You and your vet can then talk about what is exactly happening, and they can discuss different options with you. This could range from different training techniques to possible medications. I also suggest you try and record Ketana and Zeus interacting so your vet can better understand to situation.

    If you don't want to go to your veterinarian, you could also talk to a behaviourist?

    Also note: I'm not a veterinarian or an animal behavioural expert. I'm just giving my recommendation off of experience and my little piece of knowledge. Hopefully, I helped a little. :)
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      Re: Cat attacking dog.

      Thank you so much Wrax!

      Such useful information and very much appreciated. I will absolutely look into seeing a vet and going from there!