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Training a kitty to obey

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  • Training a kitty to obey

    I personally love cats to the bottom of my heart. I love studying cats and I enjoy training cats tricks as well.
    Cats tend to think, I am the king and you shall never ask me to do anything for you or your dreams. Dogs are more like you are my queen... tell me what to do and it shall be done.
    I have been able to train my cats to do several tricks is a huge success.
    I did hours of research on it and you can teach a cat to do many tricks actually... from using a toilet to the simple command sit.
    I used bologna as a treat because 1. It?s cheap and 2. You can take a single price of bologna and tear it up to about a 50 or more pieces and the cat is happy with that.
    I currently don?t have a kitty ca!!t: to train but will in about 10 days which will be great.

    In order to train a cat one must take the cat into a room with nothing to distract the cat. Then they should expose the treat to the cat until it notices and is interested. Then say your command (ex. Sit, etc.). Repeat it if needed and once your cat does it then give it the treat.

    Some tricks are best to be done in different places (roll over should be done on walks because for some reason cats tend to roll over more than normal when on a walk)
    When i trained my first cat to sit it took about a 7 hour period but I have trained them in about 3.
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    Re: Training a kitty to obey

    Only ten days to go, Caracal! Don't forget to post lots of pictures once you get your cat, plus some videos once you have trained her/him.
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      Re: Training a kitty to obey

      I’ll make sure I’ll reply to this thread and post some pictures of him/her. Lol
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