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  • A Heart for Zuko ♥

    Hello everybody !

    About three weeks ago my fiance and my friend informed us about mewing sounds coming from between his bamboo wall in his garden , and the other buildings wall.

    We cut through the bamboo wall to find three little kittens surrounded by garbage, grass and dirt. We quickly took those kittens in , washed and fed them, then took them home with us, where I continued to take care of them.

    They were all perfectly healthy , eating a lot , and are really active. We decided to call them Gir, Spot and Zuko.
    Gir was named after his big eyes, and Spot has a black spot on his back. Zuko was named after the character in Avatar: The Last Airbender. Everything was fine, until one and a half weeks ago when Zuko came out his cage before one of our feeding times. He was dragging his hind legs. Soon after that he could barely move at all. He lay down most of the time, and if he did move , it was uncontrolled movement with a lot of swaying. His left eye was also starting to swell up.
    He seemed to get better in the middle of last week, his was gaining his appetite again , slept less and played with his siblings a bit more, but this morning he didn't greet us before feeding time. He lay motionless in his cage, but was still breathing.
    His left eye was really white/yellowish now, and was bulging out. I tried to feed him , but I couldn't open his mouth, it seemed frozen and paralyzed. He can't eat, and he's already so skinny , his little ribs are showing. When he lifts his head sometimes , his head shakes violently. Zuko sometimes gasps for air , and quietly meows like he's in pain.
    It's so heartbreaking to watch him.

    My fiance and I want to give him a better life, but our jobs don't allow us that, since everything goes towards our rent, bills and food.

    Please help our little Zuko : Direct fundraising link removed.
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    Re: A Heart for Zuko ♥

    Welcome to the forum. I have removed the link to a fundraising site, as is standard procedure, as there is no means for verifying whether the funds will be spent as intended. Any members considering a donation are advised to contact the OP by PM, asking for full details before reaching any decision. As always, caution is advised before donating via third party sites.

    I am sorry to read from your donation page that Zuko has passed over and note that you are now seeking money towards the care of the remaining two kittens. However, if you do not have the money to care for the two kittens which are still alive, perhaps the best thing to do is to take them to a shelter.
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    Do animals have souls?