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Help! I don’t know if my cats pregnant!!

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  • Help! I don’t know if my cats pregnant!!

    So my cat is 4 month from turning one she is and inside cat and the only other animals we have is a bird and a dog. They get along pretty well however one day when I was going to put my birds cage outside so she could get some sunlight. As soon as I opened the door my cat ran out so fast and we tried all day to get her but she didn’t come back and every time we got near she’d go into hiding. We finally caught her after 3 days of trying to get her back in and it’s been a month since then. However when she was on her back I took a look at her nipples and they were pretty noticeable however I never really payed attention to her nipples either so it could be me just being very worried. She doesn’t show any other symptoms to being pregnant. She’s always been a cat who loves to cuddle up so I can’t really count that as a symptom. I’m new to this site so I don’t know if you can see the picture but I’ve tried attaching one to show her nipples.

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    Re: Help! I don’t know if my cats pregnant!!

    Welcome Nalathecat, I'm sorry to hear such worrying news has bought you here.

    There certainly is a chance that your cat is pregnant. If she was cycling around the time that she escaped and found a male cat out and about, pregnancy is a possibility. Enlargement of mammary tissue (her nipples) isn't always a definitive sign that she is pregnant, however, it is a sign that she may be pregnant. Sadly I don't believe the photos you uploaded have worked, so I can't comment, sorry.

    This link has some good information about how to tell if your cat is pregnant. Essentially, has she gained any weight (if you knew what her wait was) and has she been ill at all?

    The only way to know for sure is to go and talk to your veterinarian. They can do a more complete exam on Nala (I assume her name?) and tell you if she is or not. This may involve an ultrasound or some hormone level testing. I'm not completely sure if they will be able to feel any foetus' in her belly when she is a month pregnant, but this may be another test. If you call the clinic to book an appointment with the vet, mention to the nurse that you are concerned that she is pregnant. They will have the knowledge to

    Are you planning on letting her have the litter if Nala is pregnant? There are options to abort pregnancies in animals, but this is a conversation you will need to have with your Veterinarian. It likely will require a few days of repeated treatment. If she gets too much further into gestation, this option may be more complicated. If you are planning on keeping them, talk to your vet about what you should do to be prepared.

    Best of luck with everything Nalathecat! Please let us know what happens :)
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