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Dog anger issues and problems (long story)

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  • Dog anger issues and problems (long story)

    Let me give you an idea of who is involved and what's going on. We have three dogs, one is mine (pepper) he is a sweet Chihuahua pit and lab mix. He's super social and protective, loves other dogs and doesn't understand when people or other dogs don't like him. Then there is Odin, he is 9 has anger issues, his owner never gives him enough love and attention, he is anti social, shows his teeth and growls at little kids, is playful once in a blue moon but it's only so he can get something out of you. He will straight up only play nice so he can use you. Nothing about this dog is sincere, he does not care about anyone dog or human as long as he can get something out of you that is the only time he will love on you. Then there is appolo, he is really old has bone problems, sleeps alot and loves to cuddle with my dog, he generally has a grandpa personality. He is Doberman Pinscher, very sweet and loving.
    Odin is the problem here.
    He has attacked my dog pepper over four times now simply because he was happy or wanted to play. Odin hates seeing my dog happy, Odin has also left deep wounds in peppers face. I have whooped Odin's butt and even given him mood suppressants that are ok for dogs.
    He is still angry, growls at me, he is scared of me now and won't go outside when I let the dogs out. I don't feel bad because I know any chance he gets to play "poor me" is all a mask so people who shower him with love.
    You know that one girl we all knew in middle school or hgh school that was super friendly and loving towards everyone only so she could get something out of someone, even use them or talk behind their back, this dog is the spitting image of her.
    I won't pet him, reward him or do anything that let's him know he is in favor. I am about to have a child and worry about my child's safety, I even have a gate at my bedroom door just to keep Odin out and away from my dog.
    The only time Odin socializes with appolo is so he can hump him. I feel so bad for appolo and do as much as I can to protect him from Odin because Odin will hump him when he is stuck or scared to move (he has brittle legs and has a hard time standing) this is the only time Odin cares to interact with appolo which makes me sad.
    I scare him away so appolo can keep trying to keep his balance.
    I love animals and this one just rubs me the wrong way, I can not stand him he is so conniving it makes me sick to my stomach.
    How does one fix this or should I just rehome him?
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    Re: Dog anger issues and problems (long story)

    Firstly, welcome to the forum. You have written, "Then there is Odin, he is 9 has anger issues, his owner never gives him enough love and attention."

    Does that mean that you are not his caretaker? Then who is? I'm afraid that at times in your post above it sounds like there is someone else responsible for Odin, and at other times you talk about him being in your home. Please clarify.

    Perhaps you mean to say that your partner is Odin's caretaker. In that case, legally, only he has the right to decide Odin's future.

    However, you have written, "I can not stand him he is so conniving it makes me sick to my stomach."

    If your feelings are so negative, then the only real options are either:

    that you seek professional to help deal with your strong negative emotions, and/or
    that you seek the advice of a specialist dog behaviourist, or
    that poor Odin goes at last to another home, where someone will LOVE him (perhaps a home with no other dogs).

    It is little wonder that he has turned out aggressive if all he has so rarely been given any real love from anyone - unconditionally. That's what he needs. All dogs need love, no matter what their character.

    Every best wish to you!
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      Re: Dog anger issues and problems (long story)

      I agree with LPC on this one, at some times it seems that Odin is just a visitor in your home/yard but at other times it seems like you are the owner so we're confused.

      If you are not the owner of Odin then I suggest talking to the owner and explaining the situation, maybe you can rectify it by simply having Odin's owner take him out on a leash etc etc

      If you are Odin's owner then I highly suggest getting help from a dog trainer in giving Oden some manners. Personally I don't think smacking/hitting a dog is going to solve anything, in the long run it's only going to make the dog aggressive to humans and other animals alike. He needs to be taught in the right way what is wrong and what is right. Before training you might want to look at putting Oden somewhere that he can't get to the other dogs, maybe block off the kitchen or dinning room (not sure how your house is set up) so that Oden has his own personal space for now? I don't suggest this should be a forever thing because he does need interaction but just until you can train him


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        Re: Dog anger issues and problems (long story)

        Hi! I agree with what's been said about training. Obviously, there's an issue but the dog is not the only one to blame here. If the dog was neglected and not socialized properly, it's no wonder he can't behave. Also, if he's acting aggressive and won't go out to play, he might be sick or in pain so I would check that out first.


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          Re: Dog anger issues and problems (long story)

          Hii.. I agree dog has anger issues and I highly suggest getting help from a dog trainer.