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How to Prevent Lungworms In Dogs?

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  • How to Prevent Lungworms In Dogs?

    Remove any fecal matter of your dog left in the garden immediately.
    Keep the surroundings clean so the snails and slugs are not attracted to filth.
    Keep produced sealed in containers.
    Control them by using repellents.
    If you keep a water bowl outside of your house for your dog, it is important to clean it regularly as it can be contaminated by snail eggs.
    Protect your dog by dewormers.
    Treating your dog time to time for worms can help prevent the infection.

    Stop the dog from eating all the outside things. It is definitely not possible to keep a check on the dog all the time but if you are in the garden or a park and you find him sniffing grass or fecal matter, stop him right away.
    Toys or dog things left in the garden may have snail or slugs on them which can be mistakenly swallowed by your dog while holding the object through his mouth. Thus, make sure to stash all his belongings inside the house. Don’t leave them in the garden overnight.