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  • 😱

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    9 months old Rottweiler/Dobermann mix

    Just noticed her itching, now I’m itching to!

    What is it, scabies?

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    Re: 😱

    Welcome to the forum! Please go to the introduction section to say hello to members and tell us a little about yourself and any pets you have.

    I am very sorry to read that your young dog has a skin condition. This is a discussion forum and we are not vets, so we cannot give medical advice. However, it looks possible that your dog might have mange of some sort. The symptoms suggest this, plus the photo. I am hoping that our supermoderator, Wrax, will visit the forum, as he has good knowledge of pet health issues.

    Here are two pages which might help you:

    In any event, I strongly urge you to take your dog to a vet for a thorough examination and treatment. Once diagnosed, the vet may also suggest that you go to a doctor for treatment. Mange (scabies) can be transmitted to humans in some cases.

    Please come back and tell us what your vet's diagnosis is and how your dog gets on.
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      Re: 😱

      Any update Fredmv?

      I'd tend to agree with LPC that it is likely to be some form of parasite. The two LPC has linked to, Demodex and Sarcoptes, are both likely possibilities. Any veterinarian would be able to check which parasite it is and how to treat it, so a trip to the vet is your first port of call.

      Hopefully you've been able to get this sorted Fredmv, sorry that I've been so late to join the conversation. I also hope you've been able to stop the itching on yourself! I absolutely hate that itching feeling!
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