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    On Thursday August 8, 2019 @ approximately 7AM, my German Shepperd/Lab mix was hit by a vehicle on Courtney Rd in Walker, LA. I immediately brought her to the Local Denham Springs Animal Hospital where she was given pain meds, anti inflammatory, IV's and X-ray's were performed. Upon the X-ray's being looked at the VET Found that her Pelvis was broke in two spots, one being by her spine, the other where the Leg connects into the pelvis socket. They told me to keep an eye on her, that to wait over the weekend to see if she is able to use the bathroom on her own as they were worried about her condition and injuries. She successfully made it through the weekend and is very much alive! However, she is in pain and needs surgery! I alone cannot afford this. I want to first thank everyone for their donations and help! Thank you so much! Booboo is very much a strong fighter as when she was just two months old she got VERY sick, and spent over a week at the VET, she almost died, they were surprised as they said she probably wouldn't make it through the night. However she pulled through and she's about 1 year old now. This dog is family and my world. She isn't my service dog however I am a Disabled Veteran and I am going through a tough time myself. The VET in Mandeville as looked over the X-ray's and gave me a quote of about $3000 for the Surgery, $130 For the Visit, and Any more x-ray's, bloodwork, pain meds, etc. will be even more. I don't have a Care credit plan as I was denied due to Credit reasons. Please keep her in your prayers, and Please donate if you can! I appreciate the help, and THANK YOU! Any questions don't hesitate to call me @ 225-397-5008! My name is Daniel Whitehurst.

    UPDATE 1 Pre Surgery:
    So we made it to our Pre Surgery Consult a South Paws in Mandeville, this morning and I have some good and somewhat bad news, One of the fractures are going to heal on its on no surgery repairs are needed! that's part of the good news!<-----Keeping Moral Up! Bad News is, The one that does need surgery is by her spine!, they hope for the best recovery! They are recommending HBOT Therapy which is going to cost around $500, The surgery estimate right now is at 3000 With out the HBOT Therapy that puts us in a little but big bind! Here's How.
    "We" managed to raise $1300!!!!!<-----SO GRATEFUL!, I've barrowed $2000 from a friend of mine! but this is just to get surgery started, as they wanted 70% Down! The Visit today costed $340, the First Visit was $150, So total were at 4000 Right there. Please guys help us raise this I was able to get this started but the Rest is due when I Pick her up! which is Monday, She is Having surgery tomorrow sometime and is currently staying the night at the VET, and will spend two nights post surgery. Please Help if you can, and Share, Share, Share! Thank you!

    Direct link to crowdfunding site removed. Any member interested in donating is advised to contact the poster of this thread via private message on this forum and to check the identity and genuineness of the person concerned, also to verify any veterinary estimates, before making any donation. Genuine people will not mind doing this. Thank you for your understanding in this matter.
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    Re: Help? Please!

    Welcome to the forum MSIFreak1992. I'm so sorry to hear about Booboo's injury, I hope for the best for her. Sadly, I've had to remove the link to your GoFundMe due to forum policy. If anybody would like to donate they are welcome to contact MSIFreak via PM on this forum.

    Best of luck with raising funds, I'm sure everybody here is hoping for the best.
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