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  • Disc Surgery Need Advice

    My 9 yr old Basset, Fred, woke up Thursday morning and could not walk at all. His body from the middle back was completely paralyzed. We immediately rushed him to a new vet. We moved 3 weeks before so we have not established a new veterinarian. We were then quickly sent to a specialist in Houston. An MRI was performed and our choices in that moment were to either do surgery or put him down. His Doctor’s seemed like they knew surgery would work and he could almost fully recover. His tail still functioned and was wagging. There was light in his eyes and he didn’t seem to be in pain. We opted for surgery on a confirmed disc rupture. This happened Thursday we get to bring him home on Tuesday.
    I am looking for experiences, advice, how you moved your basset outside. Fred weighs 75#’s. I am nervous about his ability to recover, how I will care for him alone mostly, his spirit. How long could this take?

    Please share experiences good or bad.

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    Re: Disc Surgery Need Advice

    I'm afraid that I can't answer this question with any authority. It is best asked of the vet who has treated your dog.

    When I was young (many years ago!), we had had a dachshund who got a slipped disk and had an operation. He had to walk with a trolley to support his back legs for a month or so, but made a complete recovery eventually. So the prognosis could be very hopeful for your basset hound.

    Please come back and let us know how things go for your dog. What is his name? Feel free to add a photo, too!
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      Re: Disc Surgery Need Advice

      Welcome to the forum luffypets! I saw this thread when you posted it but have only just been able to reply with my thoughts. I also hope that Fred's surgery went well, have you been able to go visit him yet?

      Although I haven't had any direct experience with IVD diseases, I have heard a few things about them. Obviously, it is best to follow your Veterinarian's advice. By the sounds of things, they seem quite reputable and experienced, so will know exactly what to recommend for you.

      It may take a few months for Fred to regain his normal strength, but it is certainly a good sign that he was able to move his tail! You may need to do some light physiotherapy with Fred once he has had time to recover post-surgery. This is to help speed up his return to normal motion. A trolley like LPC suggested is certainly an option, however, if you need to walk him outside you can place a towel under his belly. You'll then support him by holding the towel as he walks. Be really careful to support his back, and not to put any unnecessary stress or pressure on it. He has just gone through a major surgery don't forget! Although you may want to walk with Fred a lot post-surgery, it is really important that he is given time to rest. I'm sure the Veterinarian will recommend strict cage rest for a few weeks when you get to take him home.

      Best of luck with everything, we would love to get an update with how his surgery goes!
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