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  • Insulin for dogs

    My lab was having insulin shots when he showed signs of diabetes a few months ago. I used to go directly to the vet every two days. But now, I had to shift because of my work, and now the vet is a bit far away from where I live. As I was really concerned about him, I did a couple of research myself and learned that home insulin kits are available nowadays in the market. That will be much easier than going to the doctor directly. If the insulin shots were to be given in-home, will it be dangerous for him?
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    Re: Insulin for dogs

    Welcome to the forum. Please do not put hyperlinks disguised as text. These will be removed immediately, as new members are not allowed to put links to commercial websites (as an anti-spam precaution).

    Regarding your query, I would make three suggestions:

    1. Discuss this with your vet first - particularly concerning dosages and frequency. Dog age, weight, health, etc. are factors to be taken into account.
    2. Look carefully at this page, which has helpful guidance on this subject:

    Every best wish to you! Please go the introductions section of the forum to say hello to members and tell them a little about yourself and your companion animal(s).
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