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Advise Needed - betta hiding place

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  • Advise Needed - betta hiding place

    Hello everyone

    I was just going through the chewy aquarium products and found 1 item which I dont have in my aquarium. Please advise - It looks like a perfect hiding place for my bettas and its natural item too.

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    Re: Advise Needed - betta hiding place

    Generally gear away from anything plastic (even rated betta safe), they easily tear their fins on plastic. My betta was even tearing his fins on a betta leaf. I think natural is always best, so I just have live plants, rock and driftwood and my betta is super happy with it. If you are wanting to get live plants then get anubias nana, it’s super super easy to care for and really hard to kill and bettas love it. My betta loves playing around his anubias plant. Marimo moss balls are also great. Marimo moss balls actually filter the water for you, I have to ring mine out when I clean the tank cause it filters waste. Marimos are actually technically and algae, but they grow in perfectly round little balls and look like moss.