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  • Helping homeless animals in Russia

    My name is Maria. I live in Russia, where the problem of homeless animals is very acute. We do not have special services that are engaged in helping such animals as in other countries. All help comes only from concerned citizens who spend their money and get into debt to save at least a few animals.The state practically does not allocate money for construction of shelters for animals, but allocates big money for their destruction. Because of corruption in all spheres, money is stolen, and the management of such shelters together with officials use the allocated funds for their personal purposes, and animals are destroyed by inhumane methods or kept in terrible conditions until they die of thirst, hunger and beatings. The only hope is private shelters that contain people who really love and want to help the unfortunate animals. There are very, very few such shelters and they are always overcrowded.

    Unfortunately, the people of our country who are able to help and have enough money prefer to buy expensive purebred dogs and don't help homeless animals (there are exceptions, but they are few).

    Against this background, a huge problem is also the presence of a large number of "doghunters" (knackers), who act alone or in groups and very brutally kill homeless animals, and then post videos of murders and bullying on the Internet. According to our legislation, they, as a rule, do not bear any responsibility for this, because the police do not pay special attention to such crimes, in rare cases they issue a small fine . Even when people are ready to help the animal, often they just do not have time to do it, because. while to spend time finding him a temporary home , the animal is killed. After all, those who are willing to help, as a rule, have small apartments, where so many animals, or rented accommodation, where animals can not be brought.

    I now have a home with 4 cats and I'm helping to pay for the upkeep of the zoo hotels and the treatment for 2 cats (one of them requires special care and treatment because the knacker burned her alive) and for a disabled dog and also help to shelters and other volunteers which consumed a major part of my salary. My friend, who lives in a private house, has 11 cats, some of which have also suffered from knockers. As soon as one of the animals manages to find owners, we take away from the street or from the state shelters of others.

    We really want to help more animals, but unfortunately we do not have such an opportunity, so we dream to build a shelter for animals, where they can live until we find their owners.

    According to the project, 40 dogs and 55 cats will be able to live comfortably in our shelter. But it will not be tight cages, it will be quite spacious enclosures. .

    Dogs are planned to be placed in enclosures, where they can be both outdoors and have access to a warm room.

    For cats it is planned to create high enclosures with the necessary equipment, which will accommodate several animals.

    The organization of the shelter will be carried out in the Moscow region. At the moment there are several possible sites for its placement. On the territory of the shelter it is planned to create a veterinary office, which includes an operating unit, x-ray equipment and a hospital. In addition to operational maintenance of the animal shelter, the presence of the veterinary office will also help to raise funds for their maintenance at the expense of receiving paid patients who are lucky enough to have owners. Also on the territory of the shelter will operate a zoo hotel, where the owners will be able to leave their pets, for example, on vacation. The income from the zoo hotel will also be directed to the maintenance of shelter animals. At the same time, in any case, the priority will be in the rescue of animals, so, if necessary, the hotel will primarily accommodate homeless animals.

    Thus, in accordance with the project, all conditions for the treatment and further residence of animals until they find loving owners will be created on the territory of the shelter. We have experience in the arrangement of animals and finding them really good owners, there is a reliable team consisting, including a photographer and PR specialists, who will contribute to the early acquisition of a new home for our four-legged friends. At the same time, it is extremely important to find a place where you can temporarily place animals in safe conditions, many of which require the help of a veterinarian. That is why we hope that with your help we will be able to implement our project and help more animals than now.

    For the implementation of our project it is necessary about 69 700$ (at the moment almost 3030$ have already been collected).):

    - acquisition of land, supply of communications and construction of premises and enclosures - 28 800$

    - equipment facilities, including veterinary office (because animals are often with serious injuries, it is necessary operating and equipment for x-rays) about 33 400$

    - current costs for the first time for food, medicines and other necessary supplies, utilities, payment of workers (with the condition that I, my friends and volunteers in their free time will take care of the animals without payment and purchase part of the necessary personal funds, but the vet and employees, one of which will be in shifts around the clock is in the shelter will still be needed) - 7500$

    We will be very grateful for any possible assistance to our project!

    If you have any questions, we are happy to answer them.

    Sincerely yours, Maria Seidova

    Our group:

    Financial report:

    Our Bank details:

    Account With Institution:



    Beneficiary's bank address: Moscow, Russia.

    Beneficiary Customer:

    BANK ACCOUNT: 40817810838264918636


    Transfer limit per day is 5000$



    Last name: SEIDOVA



    House number: 6

    Apartment number: 44

    City: MOSCOW


    Postal code: 121467

    Phone no: 8 (905) 7874215



    Email Address Removed. If anybody wants to contact Maria, please Private Message them on this forum.
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    Re: Helping homeless animals in Russia

    Welcome Maria

    I'm very impressed with your ambition and desire to take care of the animal Maria, I take my hat off to you. You and your friend (Who may I say, 11 cats in one home must be quite a circus) both seem to show genuine care for the animals, which is something I believe you should be proud of.

    Hearing about the knackers sounds very distressing, and I hope for the best with raising funds. You seem like you have developed a business plan which may actually prove to be successful! Using the veterinary clinic and zoo hotel are quite genius ideas. Again, I hope for the best!

    However, I have removed your email address from your post. This is to protect you from any spam-bots which may find your email. If anybody is interested in donating to Maria, please PM her directly on this forum.

    All the best!
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