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  • Favorite Animal TV Shows

    Hey everyone :)

    Was wondering if anybody had any cool animal related TV shows or movies they really enjoyed. Some of my favorites are

    - Steve Irwins many old shows

    - Larger Than Life (starring Bill Murray) it's about how his character befriends an elephant

    - Planet Earth (TV series)

    - Jaws (old American Horror film about Great White Shark)

    - National Dog Shows (where the dogs run around in circles and show off) :D

    - Lion King (Animation, one of my old time favorites)

    Really curious to see what other people enjoy, im a huge movie and tv show nerd, peace out :)
    My Youtube Channel f:rog:)

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    Re: Favorite Animal TV Shows

    My all time favorite animal TV show is 'Mowgli & The Lion King'!


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      Re: Favorite Animal TV Shows

      I LOVE Mowgli, there is a newer one that came out in 2018 which was super realistic looking and i recommend that to anybody who has not seen it. Such an awesome movie, but i also love the old Jungle Book (1967) thats the OG Throw back, thats back when they made awesome cartoons like Snow white and the 7 dwarfes.

      I also forgot to mention Dumbo (1941) is one of my favorites, i love the Pink Elephants scene :D
      Tim Burton also just did a remake of Dumbo which i have not seen yet but it has one of my favorite actors Danny DeVito. looking forward to renting it when it comes out on DVD
      My Youtube Channel f:rog:)