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To become dog owner or owned by one or two dogs

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  • To become dog owner or owned by one or two dogs

    Hi everyone,

    I'm a regular guy from Romania and I've recently moved to the countryside where I have a big yard and I spend a lot of my time outdoors. I've always liked dogs, but the previous small apartment in the city with a lot of time away from home made having a dog a difficult endeavor, especially since I like bigger dogs. I still have some preparing to do to get things going in the countryside, but I'm also considering my dog options. My favorites are the Malinois and the Australian Shepherd, they also reflect the two sides of my temperament, so that's a tough choice for now.

    When I go out I have a lot of energy and am sort of all over the place, while I also have a peaceful introverted side. My projects and include programming, reading, writing and helping people connect and find information and promoting things that some people may find useful. I listen to a lot of music.

    My main goal for being on this forum is finding a dog breed suitable to my personality, and then preparing to feed and train him/her properly, while also making him as happy a dog as can be. A also love other animals, like the gray African parrot and a lot of other guys that you wouldn't find in a home. I also love the pictures of Nick Brandt, maybe check them out if you haven't seen them. Another homage to animals is ashesandshow by Gregory Colbert. Animals are living symbols connecting us to our better natures.

    Looking forward to getting to know you and learning,
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    Welcome to the forum! I hope that you settle well into the countryside and find the right dog for you. If you can offer a home to a homeless dog from a refuge, that would be wonderful.

    I am sorry, but the link to a film which you mentioned is not permitted on this forum, as that film is not about animals.
    Do animals have souls?


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      I personally believe animals do have souls. Or, better put, if humans have souls, animals have souls as well. There's a really nice book on animals and dreams: James Hillman - Animal Presences. Question: is there a thread for this discussion? I'll read the articles from your signature link.