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Hi all. Need some help

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  • Hi all. Need some help


    I have two dogs and one cat.
    One of my dogs entered in my life twelve years ago 16th of May 2002.
    It was late night when a neighbor brought us a box with five little puppies running out of life. She found them in a paint can next to the garbage can at the street . There were more puppies but she only brought the ones that were still alive.
    Only one puppy survived the night in my home. I named her Becas.
    She was in bad shape urinating blood.
    I cleaned her and realized that the blood in the urine was from a bunch of worms that were eating her vagina . After I cleaned it all out of there she started to improve to the point that she was a happy hungry puppy.
    She grew fast till the point that she was 70 pounds … a lot more than we expected because we live in an apartment. Still we kept her in our lives although we had other dog and a cat both also taken from the streets.
    She’s the type of dog that anyone would love to have in their life. She is so loving and affectionate. She doesn’t know that she’s a dog. She looks in the deep of my eyes and talk to me. She is a special dog.
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    Now she is old and have Cushing syndrome and because of that she’s over weight having 90 pounds. The legs ligaments are giving away and she have been under two surgeries in the last year for replacing the ligaments.
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    She needs physiotherapy but we are running out of money after two surgeries.
    We would appreciate any contribute that anyone could give us in here

    Hope some of you can help us.
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    Re: Hi all. Need some help

    Good luck with your fundraising appeal. Please give the name and address of the vet who is treating your pet.
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      Re: Hi all. Need some help

      Hi all

      I understand your concerns.

      My dog vet FB is this. Her vet name is Ana Guerra. This is where she was under two surgeries. We have no debt in here.
      The hydrotherapy she didn't started yet, because she is not capable to go down the stairs of our apartment. So we have not decided here she is going to do it.
      The physioterapist comes at our home. Her name is Francisca and here it is her FB.

      We would prefer that your contribution come to us directly, but if you decide to give it to Francisca (the physioterapist), please PM me telling me the amount of your donation, so we can know.

      Even if you can't or don't want to donate please share with your conections.
      Thanks again