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Hello I'm Abbas from Iraq

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  • Hello I'm Abbas from Iraq

    Hello I'm a new guest in the forum and I love animals and bred and I have a channel on youtube do I download many things about them, such as predators and how education and also the funny things that you do

    whatch the wonders of animals on youtube
    Oddity animal world channel b:fly:)

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    Re: Hello I'm Abbas from Iraq

    A very warm welcome to the forum! goo:)d-dog

    As you have introduced yourself and not put in any active html links to your YouTube channel, your thread can stay. However, kindly look at this this thread:

    We very much hope that you will join the discussions on this forum.
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    Do animals have souls?


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      Re: Hello I'm Abbas from Iraq

      Hello and welcome to the animal forum feel free to explore the forum and ask any questions.
      ....... I've just remembered that I need to upload......... I'll do it later if I can, depends on how strong the wifi is going to be later on since I'm not at home and the wifi here in the Carribean can be on and off with working properly.
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        Re: Hello I'm Abbas from Iraq

        Welcome Abbas.