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  • Teaching Pony Tricks!

    Hey guys!
    Guess what? At Xmas time im maybe gunna start leasing a horse! Anyways, why im here to today, is about trick training! I have a mini pony.. about 10hhs ish.. and.. i have so far taught him to say yes and no, and to count.. it took him only 2 sessions to master both, ( two sessions each trick) but the countin took longer.. still working on a new command for that. But the yes and no is excellent and already a crowd pleaser! LOL.. i mena the crowds are a max of ten ppl when they come for trail rides but they still enjoy it.. and the counting is pretty cool, i have him guess the age of the younger riders when they whisper it in my ear lol.. anyways.. i want to teach him more tricks, we have one pony that bows, fetches, lies down, ( fetching is really cool, he chases whips, rugs the lot lol, saddle blankets) pulls saddle blankets off his back and hes just way cool.. but i want Buddy to do big tricks like that.. i taught him countin 3 weeks ago..ish.. and then did nothing th next week then the next week he still remembered and so i taught him yes and no.. which he now responds just to having a whip pointed at his chest and shoulder. Uhm, this week i will be seeing how those tricks are going, if they are all ok, i will be teaching him 'shake hands' and 'wave a flag' which are both easy and just alterations to to couting and yes and no.. but.. i was hoping some of you out there know how i can begin teaching him the more big stuff that i previously mentioned such as: bowing, fetch, and more if you know any i dont.. i dont thin i can get him to smile, he dont respond well to that.. not interested i guess.. and i guess i do know how to teach him the other tricks sortve but would love everyones ideas, opinions, tips and all the rest, hes is only small. very small.. so... yea... not sure he will respond to the regular bowing cue either... ( treat between legs trick) but hey, guys let me know!

    As for the horse i may be leasing.. she is: 12 years old, 14hh, Quarterhorse X appaloosa, named China.. and yes.. very looking forward to the opportunity of having her to ride.. but yeah guys reply and let me know all your trick secrets and all the rest, so sorry for the super long post, i tend to do that, and belive it or not.. it took me only 6mins to type this all.. lol.. ohk, bye guys, happy riding!

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