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    Hey everyone, I recently got a summer job on a farm and the owner (who is relatively new at this kind of stuff) asked me to research meds for his broilers. I spoke to one of the farmhands who usually administers the stuff and he told me that on their first week week here, the chickens usually get a super booster. then he went on to call out some other names that included the words "lime" and "red _____". He really wasn't helpful and now I'm stuck. Can anyone help me out please? He also mentioned something called vitalife that they give to the chickens during their second week. I know I might be asking hard questions but it's only my 3rd day in the field and I'm completely lost. Thanks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Re: Chicken Meds

    to the forum! Please go the introductions section of the forum to tell members about yourself and any companion animals you may have.

    When you talk of broilers, I assume that you mean intensively raised chickens? I suppose that is why they give "Super booster" to chickens on the farm you mention. This contains antibiotics and vitamins. Just search for "Super booster for chickens" and you will find the contents.

    However, it might be prudent to bear in mind that the routine administration of antibiotics to farm animals is one the main reasons why antibiotic resistance has arisen. Yet I appreciate that this is only a temporary job for you, so there is nothing that you can do to change things.
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