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Wild baby bunnies missing, Help!

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  • Wild baby bunnies missing, Help!

    A few days ago I found a nest of baby cotton tail rabbits in our yard. I did look at them for a minute or two but then I left them alone. We had lots of rain and I was scared the nest would flood. The bunnies were born probably a day ago. I put a bin over them (The mom still was able to feed them and she did). Yesterday I checked on them and they were fine (they are about 4 days old now). Today I noticed that the mom was with them from 7:00-4:00. She did leave for a few minutes so I thought I better check and make sure everything is ok. Well there used to be about 6-8 bunnies, there was only one. I wasn't sure what happened they are too young to leave (eyes closed), and there were no remains of bunnies. So did a hawk get them? our backyard is fenced in and no coyotes could have gotten them. I have a dog but I have been watching him every time I let him outside. Any ideas on where the other bunnies went? Also should I be worried about the bunny that is left?

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    Re: Wild baby bunnies missing, Help!

    Probably a carnivore bird of some kind got the baby rabbits. The best you can do is to be as vigilant as you can to protect those that are left.

    Just one question: if your back garden is fenced, then how did the rabbit get in to give birth? By burrowing? If so, could a predator have found the tunnel and got through? It is worth checking.
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      Re: Wild baby bunnies missing, Help!

      Actually I've done a lot of research on wild rabbits because we have a lot near our farm. With you going back all the time to check on them the mother will be able to pick up your scent. She could be feeling threatened with you close and then the bin you put over them, if that's the case 2 things could have happened. Either she took the babies out of the nest to kill them herself or she took them to move them to a different location where she feels safer. I know you just want to make sure the babies are alright and mean well but by going to do these things you could be endangering the babies, just leave them alone and let nature take it's course. These rabbits have been having little ones for years and know how to take care of them :)