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  • Hamster to school

    Okay I?m just going to let you know this is a story of when I was 12 years old- 2 years ago.

    So we had several mice in our house and my dad was trying to trap them out but he didn?t agree with killing them with mice traps so he made his own trap that traps it alive so that he could release them in the forest (about a mile from our place).
    At the time I was telling my friends at school how I was selling mice and one girl about 8 years old wanted a mouse...
    My dad trapped a mouse one morning and put it in a container just for me! He knew the consequences I would suffer but he just figured I should learn on my own. So I put it in my book bag and went to school. I told some of my friends about it and I asked the girl if she wanted the mouse now or later. She said later.
    So I had it in my book bag and a teacher came in the middle of class and asked me if I had a mouse I my book bag. Now that the teachers knew I knew I was in big trouble. I was so in shock I couldn?t answer the teacher.
    Long story short I went to the principles office and he got me to release it in the soccer Field. At break I tried looking for it later but it was gone. Lol
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    Re: Hamster to school

    To be honest, it was all for the best. Field mice have been raised to live in the big outdoors and they do not adapt to being in a cage in a house very well.

    P.S. A cheer for your dad! There is no need to use lethal traps. Here in France, my wife and I use our own "catch alive" homemade traps (painless) and we release them a fair way from our home.
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      Re: Hamster to school

      Now that I look back, I think everything turned out pretty good for me, and the mouse. Lol
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