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  • Eagles

    Several months ago I was out on my back deck late in the day. I love it here and enjoying watching what birds we have in the area. And especially enjoy that I can have a feeding tray on the deck railing right outside my computer room/office window and my desk faces that window!

    Anyway, this particular day I was gazing off across the way and noticed a bird. I watched as he soared along above the trees and then landed on an utility pole on the other side of my neighbor's house. Even with binoculars I couldn't get a really close look at him, but I have no doubt that it was a golden eagle.

    My sister was rather skeptical when I told her about my sighting, but strange things happen around me all the time! :wink:

    Then I realized a month or so ago that it probably wasn't as strange as it might seem. There is a largish lake called Lynx Lake that is surrounded by pine trees and other trees. It seems like it's a fair distance away, and in a car it is. However, for the last few years there has been a pair of eagles nesting near the lake. Each year they close a portion of the lake, and the area surrounding the nest while the birds hatch their eggs. I heard a month or so ago that they had successfully fledged another chick this year.

    When I heard that, and thought about it, I realized that "as the bird flies" I'm really not all that far from the lake and the area where that pair of eagles has been nesting. And I'm well within a 'hunting range' for the adult birds!

    So I'm even more convinced that my visitor that day was indeed a golden eagle! 8)
    Juanita (& the kids - Missy, Taffy, Smudge & Marmie)

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    Oh thats cool! I'm from MA (I now live in TN) and back at home we used to drive over a bridge where there used to be lots of eagles fishing in the river. They were so pretty. And for the first time in a very long time in that area they are succesfully breeding again. My grandfather really loves them, (he talks about seeing them constantly) and whenver I got home for a visit I am always sure to look for them. :D
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