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  • Robins

    A nest of 3 babies was disturbed when I was checking on them. They fluttered to the ground about 10 feet down. After catching them 4 times and putting them back, they would not stay. They cannot fly yet. The mom was upset. She came back carrying a worm. The little ones have wandered off. Would they be able to find food and survive?

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    No. No likely that young. Likely they will be fodder for some large bird, and the mother will learn to build a higher/better nest next year.



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      A baby sparrow fell out of a nest in our courtyard a few years back afterwards I picked it back up and left it outside for a while a huge amount (bout 30) sparrows landed in the courtyard and began walking around the sparrow, the mother came back for the sparrow and I lifted it up onto my roof, after a while it flew back.

      Dont worry about the little birds the mother will hear them chirp and come looking for them, you hae to be careful about the smell from your hands as the mother may not accept them back.


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        That is actually an old wives tale. A bird won't reject her young (or a baby rabbit, or anything like that) from what I have read, because they smell human on them. I just recently read an article saying that this wasn't true.

        I always thought it was too!
        Probably one of those things our mothers told us to get s to leave them alone!


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          A bbay sparrow also fell in our backyard, when we put the baby back in it`s nest the mother still accepted the baby.
          That is actually an old wives tale. A bird won't reject her young (or a baby rabbit, or anything like that)
          My mum`s friend told her that a cat will reject her kittens if she gets the smell of humans, is that true?
          Animals always become best friends.


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            ABSOLUTELY not true.


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              Wow, I was always told the same thing too. That no animal would care for their baby if it smelled like something (or someone) else. They actually taught us in a "wanna be a vet tech" class that you shouldn't touch a newborn animal until 3 days after it's born. If you do it before 3 days, the mother will no longer care for it and if you do it after 3 days, the mother won't let you near it anymore. So you have to hold it on the 3rd day after birth or you'll have a "ferrel" animal for life.

              I never personally agreed with the second part but never chanced touching a newborn anyway. hehe What I have done (with the dogs) was pet the mother til my hand smelled like her and then touched the puppy.

              This is interesting though.

              Good luck with the robins though!