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Train parrot not to squark

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  • Train parrot not to squark

    Hi all,

    I'm wondering if anyone can help.

    We have recently purchased a parrot (called Jaspa :)) and he has started to squark loudy for about half an hour in the evenings. We first thought that he may be getting restless due to his new surroundings, however most of the day he is quitee content.

    We give him a lot of attention and he seems very happy in his new (and very large) home.

    He only seems to squark at dinner time when he is left on his own, could he be making a noise to gain attention or is this a natural behavour for birds of his kind?

    He is a parakeet, is 4 years old and was previously owned by an elderly man who allowed him to have pretty much free rain of a dedicated room in his house.

    Any tips or advive would be greatly welcome.
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    it sounds like he is afraid of being alone as this can become natural with animals. My best advice is to gradually condition the parrott into being comfortable alone. The parrott will sometimes associate its feeder as its "mommy" and therefore must want the same trust and bond than with a regular child.
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