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    So, I was looking through some classified ads the other day and I was shocked by the number of people offering to take in "unwanted" birds. This entire matter tends to anger me a bit. So, I answered some of these ads. I asked to see where the bird would live. About half of the people refused to allow me into their house for one silly excuse or another. Those that let me in were clearly not any type of home I would send any bird to. I am... for lack of a better term... a bird expert. These people are pretty practiced at sounding "bird smart" to the average person. Though they simply only spout the basic care sheet for each species. When confronted with real knowledge they get a bit hostile. What bothers me more, is that these people are essentially trying to get free or cheap birds. The kicker is that they pretend they can't afford to buy a bird, yet they have flat screen TV's ect... If you plan to rehome a bird, visit the place they will be living and feel free to contact me if you would like some help determining if that would be a good home for your bird. Your best bet though... keep your bird. If you are having issues with the bird contact me and I will give you the numbers of avian specialists for your bird species. People who can help you work through your bird troubles. It is true that those who cannot afford to buy a bird, generally cannot afford to care for the bird during it's lifetime. I don't want to see people offering to take in birds on this site unless they have 501c status. This should be the one place that we can all feel comfortable that we a surrounded by good/genuine rescues.

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