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Angry Macaw Parrot - anything we can do?

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  • Angry Macaw Parrot - anything we can do?

    At the rescue centre where I work, we have four Macaw parrots. None of them are super friendly, but three of them are ok most of the time, but Ruben, the fourth parrot, is always really aggressive and if you go near its cage he tries to bite you. Its the only one you can't feed by hand through the bars of the cage as he would rather have your hand than the food.

    He came from a rough home where some sick ba****d treated him terribly, so its no surprise Ruben is like this, but he just won't seem to get any better at all.

    It may be that he will always be like this and there is nothing we can do, but is there anyway we can try to make him a little more friendly? He knows he gets treated well, always has food and water, gets to come out of his cage and go in the trees through the day etc, so we think he may just be like this the rest of his life, but it would be brilliant if we could change this.

    Anyway have any similar experiences or know anything we could try?