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  • A Friend For Quakee

    Hi everyone!!

    I have finally decided i might get a friend for my 22 month old blue quaker Quakee,She seems to only get along with Males and they need to be bigger that her becuase she tried to eat my brothers cockatiels becuase they went inside her cage and well we all know what happend if an unwanted visitor goes near a Quaker parrots cage lol.

    I have always had my heart set on getting a male caique,I wanted one before i got my quaker but that was only because they cost nearly $2000 to $4000 in Australia and i fell inlove with my Quaker even though she is the loudest bird i have EVER met and drives me nuts.

    My question is had anyone got a Quaker and a caique and how do they get alone ect,i know caique can be rough and crazy lil birds but i would like to know if i can be done.I have a pretty big cage for Quakee already so if i got a caique i would buy Quakee a new cage.

    Any info would be most helpful,im not going to rush out and get one now becuase i would have to wait for the person who has a breeding pair to have babies and my partner already wants to pull out his hair with the amount of noise Quakee makes hehehe so i dont want any even lounder house asof yet



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