Hello to you all,

About 3 days ago, my father found a completely white pigeon with red talens on our back porch. My two border collies took interest and started to bark at it. The bird was flustered, but to no avail, it stayed in my backyard. It then welcomed itself INSIDE my backroom, where it made itself comfortable. We've given it bird food (millet/sunflower seed) and water. She's been eating, drinking, and crapping on our floor.

While we don't mind having the bird around, we are wondering what we should do. Our border collies like to run in the backyard, and with the bird around, it's hard to let them play.

It might be hanging around because it's lost or tired, but it seems lively and happy to be here. Shes a beautiful bird, and we don't want it to get hurt at night...so we keep it locked inside. During the day, it's free to roam around.

So what should we do? There is likely a rightful owner, but it doesn't seem to be concerned with going home. The bird doesn't seem injured at all, it likes to raise its wings and groom itself, and it can run from my looming collies very well :lol: . Would it be right to claim the bird as our own, or should we take steps to find it's owner? Thanks for your help. :)