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My cockatiel has become nasty. Please help?

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  • My cockatiel has become nasty. Please help?

    over the last couple of weeks my cockatiel has changed completely, he hardly ever wants to come out of the cage when i leave it open and when he does he sometimes swoops at me and tried to bite me hard.

    Whenever i go over to the cage, he clings to the bars to try and get to me and bite me. He never used to be like this and i really dont know what to do with him. Before he used to be a nice cockatiel and he would fly out of the cage straight to my shoulder and used to love being tickled and stroked. No chance of that happening at the moment.

    Does anyone know what may be wrong and what i can do to change him?
    I have been told he may be going through the moulting process which can make them grumpy. Today i bought some Johnson's Moultone moulting tonic that you put in the birds water. Do you think this will help?

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    Re: My cockatiel has become nasty. Please help?

    it could help. try giving him some cool/luke warm water to bath in also if he is malting to try and sooth him a little as it is not a nice experience for them. is it his first malt????? my cockatiel turned into a right diva when she had her first.


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      Re: My cockatiel has become nasty. Please help?

      My neighbor actually has a cockatiel that is going through the same emotional change. Wondering if this helped. Maybe you could give us an update cvctdz?