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Newbie and my OAP cockatiel

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  • Newbie and my OAP cockatiel

    Hi There
    I am new to this forum and joined as I am about to get a new Puppy, But have found there is also this bird related section.
    I have a cockatiel, Billy, He is 18 , and never been shut in his cage, he has the the freedom of the house.
    Sadly he cant fly any more, due to a slight stroke and maybe age, But he is a lovely boy, who throws himself from his cage and follows you everywhere. He loves men more than women and alerts me to anyone approaching my house. His call is different if it is someone he knows.
    My vet said he is old as they usually live to 12, but since then I've known cockatiels of 20 odd,
    Bill is incredibly fit and happy and we will sooo miss him if anything happened to him,
    Does anyone else on here have an oap bird,
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    Re: Newbie and my OAP cockatiel

    I lost my Oap cockatiel Charlie a couple of years ago. I have since adopted a new friend. but Charlie is completely irreplaceable he was about 18 wen he passed. and he was more of a walker then a flyer his whole life. even got trodern once for his trouble. he was a mans bird but kindda tolerated me because I was only little when we had him.