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Cage size for 2 budgies?

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  • Cage size for 2 budgies?

    Hi everybody :)

    I'm hoping to get 2 budgies (just for some company in my room!) and these will be my first bird pets. I've been doing my research so I understand the basics that budgies need and what they require. However I cannot get a definitive answer for my about question. Basically every time I google it it changes!!! I understand the bigger the better but I want to put the budgies in my bedroom. I will let them out to free fly in my room. I was thinking about this cage but I'm unsure

    I'd just like an opinion from someone who owns a budgie (preferably two). I understand that cage size for 1 is about 46x46x46 cm . Any advice is very much appreciated!!!!
    Thanks in advance!!!