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Please help, female acting strange

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  • Please help, female acting strange

    I have a 2.5 years old budgie named Mikhail who I have from a couple of weeks. I have more budgies which I love them a lot. They used to play a lot when I let them out of their cage. But from a couple of days, Mikhail flights back to his cage every single time & eats all the time. She used to fight for many things but she stopped it all. I am not sure if she's pregnant or there is something else. Any suggestions???

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    Re: Please help, female acting strange

    Yes, Mikhail might be sick. Do you get a chance to get in touch with your vet? When is he returning? If it?s going to be a while, I think you should either get on a call with him or search for another vet nearby, just for a consultation, it can even be telephonic. There are these 2 websites that I have personally used (although I don?t have a bird, I have a cat) -, Enter your zip code to start the search.
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