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Cockatiel obsessed with cat

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  • Cockatiel obsessed with cat

    Hi. My question is concerning my 3 year old male Pied Cockatiel named Piper.

    Ever since we got our cat (Todd) last year, Piper has been obsessed with him. He constantly wants to be with him, will scream if Todd leaves the room, will try to fly to him all the time, and even more often will just drop to the ground so he can walk over to where the cat is. This is all very frustrating and annoying, as I love to let Piper out of the cage, but all of our time is spent picking him up off the floor and listening to him scream when he can't get his way (and getting nasty nips too).

    Oh, and perhaps I should mention that for the most part Todd just ignores Piper (i.e. doesn't instigate anything), unless he flies to the ground at which point Todd will chase him and want to play with him like a toy...definitely not safe.

    Has anyone else encountered a problem like this? Any suggestions?

    We have thought about getting a second cockatiel, but are unsure if this will help the situation or make it worse. Perhaps Piper will get attached to the second cockatiel and forget about the cat....or maybe they'll both get cat obsessed....eeek! (or even worse, maybe the birds won't even get along)...

    Any thoughts would be MUCH appreciated :) Thanks!

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    cockatiels pair up and it sounds to me like yours picked the cat like mine picked my boyfriend. i cant touch her as she loves him over me. dont get concerned unless the cat shows signs of wanting to eat it.


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      Problem solved - Cockatiel obsessed with cat

      THanks for your thoughts. We have actually resolved the issue by relocating Piper's cage to an area that isn't frequented by the cat as often, which greatly reduces the amount of screaming by Piper. He still remains content and chipper, so all is well :)