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  • cats and birds

    i have a baby bird on the way and i'm wondering about compatibility with a cat. i don't have the cat yet but i've been thinking about a kitten. the bird i'm getting is a red-bellied parrot from the poicephalus family. they grow to about 8-9 inches.

    are there compatibility problems?
    would the cat cause constant stress to the bird?
    do you think it would make a difference since they would both be growing up together?

    thanks for your help!!


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    birds and cats

    I just recently was given a pair of love birds and we also have 2 cats and I think that it is cats nature to be curious but that anything can be over come. My cats do not mess with the birds and the cats are almost 2 years and 1 year old and the birds are new to us. The most they do is sit and stare at them. But with a bird that may be out of there cage more I really do not know and all animals vary with their different temperments and attitudes so I just say it is up to you and just pay close attention to them both as if they were babies (they will be) until you know how each with react to each other. I know parrots are more than able to defend themselves if necessary!!! :D
    ~Heather~Mom to:
    4 humans...=)
    Justice(8 mth old rottie pup)
    Miranda (3 month old Dalmatian pup)
    Pete and Max (cats)
    Storm (kitten)
    Fred and Ethyl(love birds)
    Jenna(belongs to son) and Angel(belongs to daughter)(hamsters)


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      My friend has a baby Pionus that is very big and she also has a cat. The cat and bird dont bother eachother and they are still very happy! well, the cat and bird hate eachother but as long as you dont somehow bring them together, theyll be fine! Well, when you take out the bird, dont put it RIGHT by the cats face! Common SENCE! :roll:


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        birds and cats

        i have a budgie and a rosella plus 3 cats they all get on fine


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          I have a Budgie, a parakeet, and two cats. When I first got these two birds I had to keep them in my bedroom with the door shut. The cats would scare the birds. They would try to get into the cage. Now I let one of the cats in my bedroom at night without any problems. But I would not leave the birds in their cage in another room at night because you never know what they will do.


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            I am a new bird owner, but have 7 cats here. I was assured that the cats wouldn't mess with my amazon, and guess what - the cats won't come within 10 feet of the bird, but they do like to watch each other. So, my guess is that birds and cats can get along, as long as the bird is big and noisy! : )


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              Cats Vs. Birds

              I am a new member here
              I have one cat. Two parakeets. My Cat does not liike the birds to chirp and will slap the cage. He is fine with my hamsters. He will jsut play with them. My aunt had a parakeet that she got very young and a cat that was very young and they grew up together. The bird would groom the cat and tahy would play with each other. When the cat died, the bird soon died because she was so attatched to the cat. You never know. every animal still has instincts.