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cat houses and scratching post

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  • cat houses and scratching post

    I want to take on the task of creating a play center for my cats. I want to build nice houses for them to sleep in and scratching post for them to keep their claws sharpened. Any ideas.

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    Great idea,
    You could also make a place where the cat can climb. :D
    Animals always become best friends.


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      Scratching Posts and houses

      I have found that the cheapest things are adored by our cats the most. We grabbed a couple of trunks about 3 feet long of river oak (tight rough bark) when we were trimming our trees, we have these propped up against our top deck railing on a angle about 2 ft off the ground. The cats use these daily for stretching, scratching and playing around. They like it that they can lie down and scratch with all fours from underneath. It is essential that you secure the trunks so that they cannot fall on the cat. We fortunately have large lattice and have the trunks through the lattice and zip tied for security. The other much fought over housing is cardboard boxes. Whenever we get any boxes we always provide them for the cats. They always seem to appreciate the feel of the cardboard. Their other favourite is our outdoor woven chairs with a towell on, and another over as a hiding place to sleep away our hot days downunder.