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  • Freaky big kitten

    Our 8 month old male Finnegan is a regular domestic shorthaired kitty, but he' getting freaky huge! He is now 10 pounds! He has no fat on him at all!! I don't know what his lineage is, I pulled him out of a sewer, but our vet says he's going to be mammoth! How big can a regular old kitty get? He's white, shorthaired, so I can't see any kind of Maine Coon in him, he's just giant! What's a regular kitty male size? Our female got to 19 pounds of sheer muscle in her prime, but we were kinda figuring her Mom had some sort of Maine Coon in her when she decided to invite herself to my husband's dorm room and give birth to 5 big old kitties under his bed 14 years ago. The whole litter grew up to be quite large, and are all still quite big, but this little guy is just a regular kitty sort of kitty. How big is average kitty at this rate? He's got another 14 months of growing to do.... :shock:
    Anjie :)

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    I dont know about your big kitten, but my bengal kitten is just 4 months now, the vet says he's growing like a weed. He's 7 lbs with hardly any fat!

    'course, his father was built at 20 lbs all muscle!