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    My cat is 14 since 31st of October! That's like around 70 in cat years! Yeah it's true, his Birthday is on Hallowe'en! The strange thing about this cat is he doesn't mind fireworks and bangers! He even goes up to the trick or treaters and lets them rub his head! last Hallowe'en we saw him trying to catch moths, serioisly, even though he's old, he's an active little fellow - yes, I said little! He's like a kitten! It's wierd cause like the cat across the road from us is only 3 but like a giant to my cat who is a boy and called Harley. The cat across the road is called Noodles! He is like much... well, I dont like saying the word 'fat' so he's much chubbier!
    Well thats my story.
    Hi I'm Emma Roberts I am so glad to register because I love animals. Thanx!