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My cat died...Can u help me?

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  • My cat died...Can u help me?

    Hey everyone im Jazz, im new to the forum just after some help if anyone can.

    I had a 7month old kitten (Daisey) the baby of my other cat Bella. This morning my neighbour found her dead in her yard.

    The last time i saw her alive was about 1am this morning acting perfectly normal and happy, she was found at approx 8am this morning dead. She had no bite marks and clearly wasnt attacked by any other animal. She had let go of her bowels and there was blood also coming from this area but again no bite or wounds...The poor little kitten had one both eyes slightly open and was stretched out as if she had been running.

    My question is for a healthy little kitten like this how could she have died? My thoughts are either poisoning or bitten by a spider / snake? Or some very mean person has hurt her causing her death??

    Any help to put me and my family at ease is much appreciated =)

    R.I.P little Daisey xox

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    I 'm so sorry for your loss...

    I'd say you should look for the kinds of snakes and spiders that live where you are.

    again I'm sorry for your loss...

    animals are great!


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      Sorry you have lost your kitty. Too many possibilities for me to guess what happened. :(


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        Hey Jazz, sorry for your family's loss. It would have been hard for me too. :(