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Is my cat ok?

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  • Is my cat ok?

    Hey there, i've come to the forum to quickly ask a question.
    We have had cats all our lives, we got spookey just after our cat Gizzy passed away at the age of 19.

    We rescued her from a rescue centre about 4 or 5 years ago Since then, it has been me, my mum and the cat living together in the house. My mum moved out about 3 months ago to go and live with her boyfriend, so now it is just me, my lady and the cat.
    We look after Spookey, out cat, and we've kept up the same routines. She is being played with and getting attention, and being fed properly ( and eating properly ).

    Recently, the last month, she seems to have just gone a little mad. At least every day sometimes more than once she will just do the odd really strange thing. She literally, ran full speed out of my room and down the stairs yesterday. The day before she did the same, only from downstairs up in to our room... as fast as she could. She's started coming into our room and trying to sit on the windowsill outside. She also has been demanding a lot of attention, she will come up to us and start rubbing on my arm or walking infront of my laptop. We have been playing with her and if anything, she's has more attention than before.
    Today, which is what made me post this, I was downstairs cutting up a pineapple in the kitchen. Just when I started to turn around to put the cut offs in the bin she lashed out at me, scratching all down the back of my leg, making me bleed. ( she has her claws cut fairly often too ).
    Why would she do that? Why has she started darting around the house? Any ideas? I really have no clue myself. She is eating alright and still likes the attention.

    We originally called her Spookey because she did this kind of stuff when we first got her, but... she calmed down after a couple of months and it must have been just moving house and a new family.


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    Maybe your cat needed some company? Someone to play with? I think that that where the only way to keep up itself by doing that. How old is Spooky? If she is a kitten, you should look after a friend ;)


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      I too feel your cat needs company. when you spend some time to play with it , then there are chances it might change its behavior. But still i feel its of no worry because its a good exercise for her.
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        is your kitty acting up at the same time each day? some cats just get a bit loopy at certain times. it seems to happen at about midnight with my two kittens! she might just be experiencing the kitty crazies from time to time :lol:
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          My cat goes completely mad when it is windy outside. This normally involves running around crazily in and out of the house then and wails mournfully as if he is in the greatest of pain. Yet when you go over to see what is wrong with him it turns out he is completely fine! I have had a few pet cats but this one is the strangest.

          So it might be some external influence that sends your cat a bit loopy!
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            Maybe there is something wrong. My cat would do freak outs whenever she got bit by a flea. Once we put her on Frontline she stopped. My cat will also freak out if she feels a hairball coming on and start craving my attention or running really fast. She could also just be playing and releasing a bunch of pent up energy.
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              Each cat has it different ways