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A Pet Owners Field Guide to Petting

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  • A Pet Owners Field Guide to Petting

    What if cats came with an owners manual on how to pet them? Some cats really need a manual for that!

    I found this video on Youtube that tried to make an Faq on how to pet a cat the right way and the wrong way: How to Pet Your Cat: A Visual F.A.Q. - YouTube

    OK so that video was made in humor, lol, but it brings me to my point in this thread.

    Every cat has individual needs with comfort and petting. Janice my salt and pepper domestic short hair likes being scratched backwards and having her ears rubbed. Only thing she hates is having her belly rubbed. My new kitten, named Kitten (LOL), only likes having her belly rubbed. Whenshe wants petted she rubs against me and then flops down on her back and start purring loudly. If I dont pet her immediately she rubs me again and flops back over, and meows at me needylike. Shes a very demanding for affection kitty.

    Ive never had a normal kitty that just likes being pettting on the back seriously.

    So I want your opinions on petting, and how you pet your cats, and we can make a list of what some odd things cats like when being petted, and what are the safe ways to pet most cats. Petting is a very important way to bond with your cat, so lets make the best of what we know! Maybe we can even make an faq of it!
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    Cats are really weird with petting now that you mention it. My cat has definite areas that if you touch he either bites, or leaves. Above the tail on the back seems to be a universally good area for petting a cat.