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is it possible she was abused?

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  • is it possible she was abused?

    a week ago i gave my cat nibbles away to what i thought was a good family. they were a married couple. before we gave nibbles away she was acting fine. she cuddled, loved to be held, purred and everything. anyways we got her back this evening from the couple and i gave them another cat i was trying to find a home for. they gave this one back because she kept trying to get outside because she was trying to find her way home to me and they were afraid they would lose her. so we swapped cats.

    now we have noticed since she came home that she is being very agressive towards my other cats which she never was before and now she wont let me or my bf pick her up and hold her otherwise we get the claws to the face. and shes not purring either

    is this a sign that she was abused by the other people i gave her to. or could she just possibly be mad at me and my boyfriend for giving her away. im just curious and looking to get advice from other cat owners.

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    Re: is it possible she was abused?

    Do you know the family very much? It could be they were not so nice to Nibbles as you was to her. It does not mean they abused her, but that they are different than you are in caring. Maybe they yelled at her? And at the same time when she wanted to go out and they did not let her, she did not like that. Cats dont like being ordered around as if they were a dog.

    The reason Nibbles started to be aggresive towards the other felines you have could be that she was away from them for awhile, and when she got back their scent smelled different than her. I think that since you gave Nibbles away she has lost her trust in you and the other cats. Try to give it time. Let her be in peace for a time, and maybe she will start to act like herself again. Just try to act like you always did before you gave her away, just not lift her, and try to not fuzz to much over her.


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      Re: is it possible she was abused?

      It dousn't really mean that nibbles was abused mayby they just treated Nibbles differently to how you treated Nibbles.
      Also put butter on nibbles paws so nibbles wont try to go back to that couple.
      The reason Nibbles is acticg a bit agressive to you, your bf and the other felines is because Nibbles is probably extremely confused.
      Sometimes my Aunt and Uncle used to put their cats into a cat hotel when they went away, the cats would act like Nibbles is to you for a few weeks or so but after that Nibbles will be back to her old self again :D