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I need to get ride of my cats!

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  • I need to get ride of my cats!

    Hello Dear Readers,

    I move to my house around 4 years ago and i notice that there was this cat living in my backyard, she would some days come and then leave. We really didnt pay attention to her. But one day while doing my yard we saw that she had two little kittens and we gave her some milk and that went on for a while. So we then we had 3 cats but one left and never came back and other two cats a few months later had cats and we have been taking care of then. Now we have around 5 cats that live in my yard, but in the last few weeks one of my cats has been getting in fights with other cats that come from no where and im afraid my neighbors might get mad. Also im afraid that my female cat might have morw kittens. So i want to get ride of them but i don't know how. Not only that my cats are getting into fight with other cats, but i also dont have money to feed them. I was thinking of taking them to the animal shelter, but i heard that you need to pay and i really dont have money to pay and also im afraid that they will kill them on the animal shelter. Can anyone PLEASE give me a solution!

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    Re: I need to get ride of my cats!

    You should call the animal shelters in your area and see if they will take the cats. Not all shelters euthanize or put the animals to death. There are no-kill animal shelters that do not euthanize animals under any condition. There are also animal rescue organizations that may find homes for them.

    Email or ask people you know - your neighbors, friends, family or coworkers if they want to adopt the cats. Get them to ask their friends. Put flyers at pet stores, vets, coffee shops, libraries, grocery stores or anyplace with a public bulletin board.

    You could place an ad on Craigslist with pictures of the cats and something cute about them. Try Petfinder and other online sites.

    You should have all the cats spayed or neutered as soon as possible. It keeps the cats from reproducing and overpopulating. It helps solve behavioral problems with male cats like aggression, roaming and fighting. Cats are territorial by nature. They mark and defend their turf from other cats. Fighting is common. Ask a vet if there is a low cost or free spay and neuter programs for homeless cats.

    You can buy bulk dry cat food at PetCo or PetSmart to feed them. If you have a Wal-Mart or discount store buy your cat food there. Cat food is much higher at grocery stores.

    Hope this helps you find a home for them.
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      Re: I need to get ride of my cats!

      some great advice here Brooks!

      Where do you live? Even if your town does not have a no-kill animal shelter, if you call up the nearest shelter they will most definitely help you find a solution.


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        Re: I need to get ride of my cats!

        Where do you live [Not the address just the city]
        You could put up posters advertising them for re-homing.
        Don't sell them, give them but make sure the person that is taking 1/them knows what there doing and wont dis-respect them.