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traping a stray

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  • traping a stray

    Over a couple weeks i have been seeing a little stray kitten in my back yard. I put out a trap to catch him with but he seemes to get the bait out of the cage with out being caught! do you have any thing I should do with him after I catch him, like take him to the vets?
    kevin plitt

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    Get him fixed first of all. You don't want to have 20 cats running around like my mother did. It started with two and ended with 20! Have the vet check him over for any diseases.
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    Salem Witch Child


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      The kitten may be too light to trip the plate in the trap - if I'm thinking of the right type of trap your using. Ask your local animal shelter as they might have a smaller animal trap you could borrow.


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        stray kittens

        Definitely check with your vet about getting a smaller trap and definitely take the kitten for spay/neuter, shots, and a general checkup since a lot of strays end up having things like worms or ear mites.

        The other part of what you will want to do is social. A friend and I "tamed" a stray kitten through a long and drawn out process of providing food in the same place every day and sitting outside closer and closer to the food until he had to come right up to us to get it. Then we got to the point he let us touch him, then pick him up. We thought we had a cat now.
        (He was actually one of a litter- only two of the kittens ever got to the point to let us actually pick them up. All others would come eat and let us touch but not pick up)
        When my friend brought him inside, though, he freaked.
        So remember to completely cat-proof your house before brining the kitten inside, since he is used to living outside and might run around and break things.
        Probably best to confine him to one room for a bit at first until he seems calm. Also a good idea to only feed him when you are present, so he associates your presence with something good. Bring treats and put them across the room if he is too scared to come close to you. Eventually he will warm up to you.