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    Hello all,

    My 2year old cat Wolfgang has been acting weird lately. Sometimes he doesnt recognize certain objects around the house like socks, hairbrushes, ect....
    He gets all low and timid, and gives the object he's unsure of the 'ol left paw flurry attack. (but in a frightened way with no claws out)
    I've brought him to the vet for checkups and they say his eyes are fine. I know his eyes are good, he can catch a fly in the dark. It seems that he constantly scans the area he's
    at for anything out of place. If I put something down next to him and he doesnt see me do it, he'll look over and see it, then jump three feet high and run away.
    He is a snuggly kitty....and playfull.
    I play fetch with him alot, he loves that.
    (yes he brings it back too)

    He is neutered and he's had all his shots.
    He's an indoor cat...
    I just cant figure out what is making him so skittish.

    Does anyone have any good advice?


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    Ya know I use to have a cat that would attack a certain spot in the floor when he felt like it. I think for the most part he might be playing. It's just one of those weird cat behaviors that they do. :lol:
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      It might be normal, but just to be sure I would take him to the vet for a checkup and some bloodwork. ESPECIALLY if this behavior just started!!


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        I don't know, it sounds to me like he is just playing.


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          As this is a concern to you, I would get photocopies of his records and go for a second opinion, a third opinion or whatever. It is not unheard of for a vet to miss a diagnosis, just like human doctors do. I also agree with keeryclair's mention of bloodwork as I think it's important to get a whole picture of what is happening and not just trying to look into the cat's eyes. So I suggest you go for that second or even third opinion until you are fully satisfied that your cat is okay. In older cats, sometimes senility can set in and cause them to do odd behavior, but if your cat is young this is probably not even a consideration. Good luck and post back.
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            I have a 13 year old male that does the same thing. He didn't for years but now he does. I fold my clothes in the same spot every week and make my piles, if he happens to walk by he will get real cautious and then bat a pile and then scamper off real quick. I think it's just a funny cat quirk, I wouldn't worry about it.


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              he is very pretty btw =0) i have a tuxedo too.


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                I have a cat who does this too. He is 9 mo. right now and ever since birth he seems very cautious and surprised by little things. I think its jsut a personality trait, strange maybe, but just part of what makes them who they are! If it started suddenly with your cat and it wasnt a life long habit I might look into it more. Something could have scared your cat a lot one time and it really left an impact. What a cutie by the way! :lol:
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                  my 2 year old female cat

                  hi please can some one help me my cat raven who is 2 years old bites and wraps legs around my arms and claws me dont get me wrong shes a fantastic cat and she only does this with me and she used to just do it now and again when i played with her but now even stroking for 2 long and she starts with me ive told her NO when she hurts but still no luck my arms are sore with claw marks any one give me some advice .thank you


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                    your cat is telling you that she's done being pet. some cats are happy with being pet for ever and ever and some love it for a while and then when they are done, they are done lol whenever your cat starts to do that, just stop petting her for a while. :D