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best kinds of food at Walmart or pet store

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  • best kinds of food at Walmart or pet store

    I want to know if I have been feeding my cats the right kind of foods. Can you please tell me if there are any types of cat foods that are good for cats at Walmarts or my local pet store. I do not have a credit card, so ordering on line is not an option for me.

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    There are pretty much no good foods you will find at Wal-Mart. What's the name of the pet store you go to?

    If it's Petsmart the best brands they'll probably have are Nutro - and Blue Buffalo - Blue Buffalo being the better of the 2.



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      yes, i think so... :)


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        My mom buys her cat food from Walmart and though I can't think of the name of it off the top of my head, it's a better quality food than most.

        What you want to look at are the ingredients. You want at least the first one to be some kind of meat (beef, chicken, lamb, etc). "Meat" by-products and meat are NOT the same. By-products are going to be the beaks and feet and tongues (someone told me even eye-balls and certain other "areas" that in a household animal would be removed if they were spayed or neutered if you know what I mean). YUCK!

        Just remember, ingredients on food products (including human foods) are listed in the order in which the food contains the most of. Which means the first ingredient on the list is going to be what the majority of that food contains.

        So, if your ingredient list starts with something like ground processed yellow corn--you can correctly assume the majority of what you're feeding your pet is ground processed yellow corn.

        I actually buy my wet (canned) dog food at my local Dollar General. The top 5 main ingredients are (in this order) water, sufficient for processing, beef, chicken, beef-by products, lamb, chicken meal. Maybe not considerably a "good high quality" food--but at least it's not processed corn.


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          I'm on a budget, as well, and our local grocery store sells a few of the same products as our Petco, only for less. I sometimes buy my cat canned Iams- Ocean Fish Formula. The main (first) ingredient in this is salmon broth, followed by salmon. Their other types are always a broth, followed by the flavor advertised on the can. I think it's a pretty good purchase in that sense. It also seems to be more worth the price than buying tiny .50 or less cans that don't equal the weight amount the Iams cans do. And for the competitor cans, Iams seems to have more at the same price, and once you open it and give it to your kitty, looks like he/she's getting more in the meal.

          I would think a Walmart or grocery/department stores would supply it.