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Help! How can I train my cat to make him stop destroying my

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  • Help! How can I train my cat to make him stop destroying my

    Hi all, I recently bought a little puss, very cute, but very naughty! He's been scrating the couch, lazzy boy, table leg, and my curtains whitout counting the numerous peeeee on the carpet!#!#!

    Anybody can suggest anything? Your help would be much appreciated



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    Does he have a scratching post? His natural instinct is to scratch to sharpen his claws so prividing him one spot to do that will save your furnature. When he does it in other area's tell him no and move him to the scratching post.

    As for urinating in the house is he neutered? If he's not he will mark his territory. Sounds like he has already started. Get him fixed pronto.
    Blessed Be

    Salem Witch Child


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      Hi Jimy

      Salem is right, a scratching post could be the thing to start with.
      Also, if you want to developpe a good relationship with your cat and needs some help to train him, and of course stop weeeeing everywhere.

      Hope this help, all the best



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        We too have this same problem. Unfortunatly our cat is no longer a kitten, but about 2 years old. She used to scratch the couch on a rare occasion, after which we would tell her no and brang her to the scratching post. My wife gave birth to our first son a month ago and since then our cat seems to be acting up! She claws the catch 10+ times a day and jumps up onto the counters. All of which we thought we had trained her not to do. Any other suggestions to prevent this from happening?


        She is fixed.
        She is not declawed (obviously).
        She is our only pet.
        She is mainly an indoor cat, but goes outside for a few hours a day.