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    My male cat had cystitis but even on the special prescription food, he had yet another cystitis event. Someone on another board suggested I move to using bottled distilled water as some of the tap waters contained chlorine or minerals and with a cystitis cat you never know what can push the button to get the cystitis started up again. I changed to the bottled distilled water and he hasn't had another event of cystitis since then. I have both cats on the bottled distilled water. It's cheaper for me to get the bottled water than worry about losing my beloved cat and pay vet bills.

    As to feeding cats people tuna, below are some articles which caution on that and I posted them here. I used to feed people tuna to my cats at least twice weekly and was told by the vet to immediately stop when my male cat orginally and suddenly developed cystitis. I hope the articles may be of some help and possibly answer some questions here.
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      lol... It's hard. One article posted here will tell me to do one thing and another article posted here will tell me not to do it. I'm actually getting a bit annoyed by it so I think I'm going to make my own judgements now.

      Thanks for the tips, though.


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        Hey! LOL I know exactly what you mean about all the conflicting information!!! It can be so nerve racking! Take for instance, many people say it is okay to feed large weight bearing bones like leg bones (large ones, such as a cow leg bone) and then other people say "No!" on that one I made my own desicion. In my opinion I see no good reason to feed such a large, difficult bone to my dogs. There is nothing in it that they cannot get from other smaller more flexible bones like chicken. Plus, not to mention I would hate to risk one of my babies chipping a tooth by trying to eat such a large, dense bone. So you just have to make your own call on many things. I feed a bit differently than the people who taught me. I have made my own adjustments based on my pets and they are fine. I just use a prey model diet when I feed and they have no deficiencies in their diet. Raw feeding can be extremly complicated if you make it that way. And for some odd reason several people try to make it as complicated as possible :) LOL I look to nature and let that be my guide. Some people may or may not agree with me or how I do things...but in all honesty I could care less :lol: I did however pull up a link from a friend's website that you might find interesting. Don't worry it's not a "how to" site...LOL it just list the different nutrients, vitamins ect. ect. found in RAW foods. I found it interesting because so many people swear that canines and felines need stuff like grains in their diets (thats why commercial foods are full of them) but if you look at the list you will see they are able to have everything they need from a RAW diet...of course some ppl may disagree, but I found it interesting anyway. Good luck to you and trust me...once you research enough you will feel perfectly comfortable making your own desicions without any doubts. :D

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          Just thought I'd add my two cents in on the subject. I have six cats and four of them eat a raw diet that I prepare for them. The other two I am currently working on switching but are stubborn little creatures so it's taking me some time. :)

          Anyway, the diet I prepare is based from this recipe and I use one with real bones. I've had great success with this diet and have seen some very encouraging changes in the cats since they first started.

          One article posted here will tell me to do one thing and another article posted here will tell me not to do it. I'm actually getting a bit annoyed by it so I think I'm going to make my own judgements now.
          When I first started feeding raw two years ago, this was a major cause of confusion for me. One person says do this and another says no no that's horribly wrong! It's enough to make you want to pull your hair out. :D The more I read, the more I learned and it made it easier to sort the information to what was useful and what wasn't. It's also helpful to note that what works for one animal won't necessarily work for another so I feel it's important to find what works best for you and your cat.

          If you're still open to suggestions and haven't read this book already, might I suggest picking up a copy of Michelle Bernard's book 'Raising Cats Naturally'. I found it refreshing to read factual information about feline nutritional needs with proof to back it up. It helped to make me feel comfortable with making my cat's food as well and I consider it a valuable edition to my library.

          ~Jessica, Ava, Scoob & the kitty crew