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"Brady Bunch" cat family troubles!

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  • "Brady Bunch" cat family troubles!

    My husband and I are recently married and when we moved in together in mid-July (it's now mid-October) we brought his three formerly feral cats into a new condo and my very sweet cat into the same new condo. All were new to the home and new to each other. We followed all advice for new introductions... kept each group in their own room, let them smell each others toys etc., then we finally introduced them. We have continued to keep them separate when we're not at home and we supervise them when they're together. We try to create positive associations when they're together and inappropriate behavior is stopped with the water gun technique. His three feral cats are aggressive to mine (stalk her, lunge at her, once or twice swiping her). For her part, she ignores them, tries to avoid them and if they get too close hisses or growls. Sometimes they scare her into hiding and she cries. It's been 3 months now. Should we be doing something different? It seems like this is taking a long time.

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    Are his cats neutered? Maybe it's the fact you moved in that is making them aggressive. New house, new territory to claim.

    I read that they can be seperated through a baby gate and allowed to sniff each other until you think they're ready to meet without a gate. If they're fighting, seperate them and start where you left off. Try things like playing with them all together and feeding them in seperate bowls all at the same time so they learn that being together brings pleasureable experiences.

    But since it sounds like you already got all this down, perhaps all you really need is more time.


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      My experience with this is that it can take up to a year. Good luck though.
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        Thanks for the support!

        It has been frustrating but it's good to know that it could still happen. We're trying the baby gate thing. Luckily my cat, Harriet, is very resilient. In answer to the question, yes, all are neutered. I can't even imagine what it would be like if they weren't... wild kingdom?