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i just got my kitty back!!!

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  • i just got my kitty back!!!

    On one hand i'm relly happy i got my kitty back but on the other hand hes a relly diffrent cat, it's almost like hes been ferrilized.

    Long story short i got him about a year ago when he was maybe 8 months old then a few months later my sister left the door open and he got outside and then 3 month later he got picked up by animal control and we got him back. he was a different cat a little bit like he was a little more shy and wouldn't come around mutch but he let me hold him sometimes. well again he got out like 2 months ago and we were walking to the store today and heard his unmistakeable meow. well we coaxed him out of the bushes with some wet food we bought at the store and brought him home but now he's relly diffrent. he won't let anyone hold him, hes acting like hes afraid of us cause i have him in a big huge dog crate and when you go near him he hisses and then goes to the back of the crate. he's been fixed and he was born inside and had always been inside except the two times he got out of my house but one i don't understand why he wants to get out all the time. and this time he's starving to death, hes all skin and bones so when he does get out how come he wont come home to eat? i live in the country and i would let him 'come and go' if i new when he does go he'll at least come back you know? but now he won't let anyone touch him it's like you see on the tv about catching ferril cats its like hes a ferril cat even though hes an indoor cat. what should i do with him? i can't keep him crated or locked in a bedroom all the time and like this last time the only way i can see he got out was that he wripped the screan out of the window but i can't keep my windows closed all the time. i relly love my kitty and i'm happy he's home and okay cause we thought he died but i feel so awful that he just doesnt want to be here and i think its bad for me to keep him in the house but its also bad if i just let him run away again cause he doesn't come home for food and i think hes gonna starve to death for reel next time. i just want him to be happy but i don't know how to do that. what should i do? how can i keep him in the house? we love him and i thought he new that cause we spoil him and we're always good to him but he just wont stay home. can a house cat become a ferril cat in such a short time and is it at all possible to i don't know like make a ferril cat a housecat again? is there anyway i can make him happy???

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    Aww poor thing. I'm happy to hear you got him back. Maybe it will just take time before he is able to fully trust and be a loving cat again?? Living life on his own most likely taught him to wary of everything. I don't think keeping him crated will really help much. Is there anyway you could let him have roam of the house to get familar with it again? Maybe at a time during the day when there isn't alot going in the house so he doesn't get let out on accident again.

    I'm sorry I'm not much help but just be pateint..things will turn out right. :D Optimisim is the key :D When I was a child my mom coaxed a ferral cat to our house and within about a year had it living with us and just being a normal lazy house cat with the exception that it did like to roam outside. And that cat was born ferral so if that was possible I'm sure with time, patience and lots of love your boy will come around when he's ready to.
    "Dogs are not our whole life, but they make our lives whole." --Roger Caras


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      I let him out of the crate after a few days. I put him in it mostly cuse i wanted to see his poo and moniter his eating (cuse i have too other cats to). my vet said cuse he was starvng to deth i had to feed him slowly or he could eat so much so fast he'd die from it. and he said to keep him alone cuse if he had worms and shared a box with the other cats he could give the worms to them so he said if we kept him secluded for a couple weeks itd be safer on the other kittys. but hes dooing much better now. hes put on 6 pounds and is now almost 9 pounds total. you can't feel his spine or ribs nemore eether its so awsome! he said it looks lke his testees grew back thow. he said it happens like one in ten million cats. is that true? he sais i should have him nuetered again and see if that helps with his attitude and stuff. hes doing relly good thow now he still gets shy and scared with fast movments and loud noises but he will lay on my chest for luv when i'm laying on the couch or in bed. now that hes getting fat agan hes back to his devilish self hehe i think hell be ok and i'm happy hes gonna be fixed again on monday


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        oh yah is there neway to teach him to com back if i let him outside?


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          I have never ever heard of an animal growing back testicals, I think you need to find a new vet, I don't think that is physically possible. There are risks with chemical castration, or vasectimies (sp) but when you spay or nuture an animal, they remove the sex organs completely, they just don't spontaniously return.

          See a diffrent vet, you may have a cat with an infection in the area of his scrotal sac or something of that sort, you wont know until you have him looked at by someone who knows what their talking about. Its scary how many vets are out there for the money. Imagine the risks of putting you cat back through that unnessesary surgery all over again.
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            Ummm..okay that's got to be the weirdest thing I have ever heard of a vet saying. I think he just may be off his rocker a bit. :P I do not think it is physically possible for testees to grow back. Now there have been cases in humans where a male had a vasectomy (sp?) and it grew back...but that is totally different since no part of the body was removed. When an animla gets altered they completly remove the testicals and they do not grow a new set.

            I don't mean this question in a bad way but I don't know how else to ask...are you sure this particualr cat is in fact your long lost pet?? If yours was neutered and this one has testicles, could it be possible that this is just a cat that bears a striking resemblance to your pet?? Please don't take that question out of context, it was just a thought that came to mind when you said the vet claimed the testicles had grown back.......
            "Dogs are not our whole life, but they make our lives whole." --Roger Caras


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              Are you a vet?? If not, how can you make claims that her vet may be wrong?? And wouldn't you think she would know her own cat if she saw it?? It is afterall her pet so the thought that she is confused is sort of rude.

              And who knows, it could be possible that they grew back.


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                No I am not a vet, but I do consider myself to be a person of common sense. I have worked in 2 vet clinics in the past as well, so I do have a basic knowledge of the way things work. Am I an expert in all things concerning pets? Absolutely not! But do I have my thoughts and opinions??..You bet!

                I would have to agree with Celtech and say it could possibly be an infection because body parts do not just regrow themselves...unless of course your a starfish :D lol

                Please find another vet who doesn't make such uneducated and off the wall assumptions, I would hate for your poor cat to have an infection of some sort and it not get taken care of due to mis-diagonoses.

                On the issue of the statement I made about this cat being one that resembled her old pet....I was not trying to be rude, assume that she didn't know her own pet or say she was confused. I was merely asking a question out of curiosity. If someone hadn't seen there pet in a good length of time and then saw one that was very similar it could easily be mistaken for the original pet. Once I had to leave Blue with a friend of mine for about 2 weeks once (complications with pregnancy and I was hospitalized), when I went to go get him I had to actually say his name for me to be able to tell him apart from their Weimaraner who was of similar built, color and had the same tail dock.

                If this cat did indeed have a set of testicles (and not some infection) the only logical explanation (in MY opinion) would be that it was another cat who looked identical. To the original poster, I am sorry if you took my post in a rude way, I asure you I didn't mean to innsinuate that you didn't know your own apologies.
                "Dogs are not our whole life, but they make our lives whole." --Roger Caras


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                  I can tell you a tiny bit of experience I've had with my cat, who is feral. They still want to go out because it's their nature, now. They weren't raised inside, so exploring, fighting, and mating is almost an instinctive need. I do let my cat out, but neutering destroyed his fighting streak, thankfully, but he still has the urge to explore, possibly mate. (The mechanics don't work right though, so he can mount all he wants without actually contributing to more strays. :P) I've noticed my cat tends to go in the same areas. It's not too terribly far from home and I'm still not sure what he does, but he is an outdoor and indoor cat, and when I call him home at night he's always coming back from the same area.

                  Anyway, I don't think your cat will suddenly lose the urge to roam. Neutering is supposed to take away their fighting and make them have much less desire to leave the yard. That's true to an extent. My cat mostly stays in the yard except when it gets dark. And he won't be gone all night anymore, just a few hours. If you keep him inside 24/7, I would imagine eventually he will. But you might have to suffer him whining to go out for months on end about it, depending how old he is. Like any child though.. he'll get over it, eventually. Male cats seem difficult.. more stubborn and more aggressive. My cat still bites me hard and I still haven't figured out the reason. I've read plenty of reasons, but I think he may just be a jerk. :P

                  As for the testicles, my vet had mentioned nothing about that. He encouraged neutering for a few weeks until we were sure about the money, and the only thing we had to be aware of was my cat not being healthy enough for it. There was nothing about swollen testicles or them growing back. I don't think that's a possibility, and I agree with the others that there may be something wrong.


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                    "My cat still bites me hard and I still haven't figured out the reason. I've read plenty of reasons, but I think he may just be a jerk."

                    OMG! LOL :lol: I was reading that and dang near spit my coffee everywhere!!! LOL That's just too funny!!!!

                    Personally as far as cats go I have never had a cat that was strictly a house cat. All of mine were altered but they would roam the area ( I live way out in the boonies) and they always came back home to be spoiled and fed. :D
                    "Dogs are not our whole life, but they make our lives whole." --Roger Caras


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                      lol yah mine is just a jerk to i think if he could hed tell me to go to h e duble hokey sticks and leeve him a lone. i'm shur its the same cat cuse hes unmistakeable he has this meow that i've never herd before so u no its him and he has a square head that i've never seen on a house cat be4 (hes a silver tigar stripe but his head is like a bobcat). and wen we said his name he new it and of course he had on the red collar with my fone number inside it with black marker. no i'm not offended at all at your curiosity, its not silly at all i am takeing him to a cat clinic on monday i see a vet normaly but this clinic she specialises in cats she spayed my females and shes very good and she includes everything in her surgerys like dewormers, blood work, vaccinations and everything hell be there for 3 days with her so if there is something wrong with him she will take care of him the other vet said that sometimes a male can have a missing teste thats like inside the body no were it shood be and sometimes it can grow and look like he wasnt fixed so he has to go back so it can be removed or something like that i didnt relly understand so i'll have to ask my mom cuse she will no beter.


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                        Undecended testicals do happen, which is why they tell you not to nutur until they are at least six months and both testies have decended. So yes that could be a possiblity if the vet haden't bothered to try and find the undecended testical, but they should have told you after the surgury that both testicals were not decended. Good luck with the other vet and I hope your cat settles back in for you.
                        The reason dogs are great is they wag their tails, not their tongues.


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                          Hey, I just have a few suggestions to make;

                          If your cat escapes by the windows by destroying the screens, can't you put gates in front of your windows? Or tougher screens?

                          And if he loves going outside, you could put a gate in your backyard (if you have one.), make it tall enough and put a gate roof on it too. It might costs a lot, but it'll stop your cat from escaping, and he can go outside a bit.

                          I hope this helps. ^_~