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  • Is there a vet in the forum?

    The woman I nanny for has a cat and a dog. Her bichon/poodle mix and her black kitty are good friends. However, I've noticed that the cat doesn't eat catfood, she's been eating the dog's food. Is this a healthy thing for her to be doing? I don't think there is even catfood in the house, small breed dogfood is just what she offers them. How bad could this be for a cat? I know she doesn't hunt outside much since she rarely goes outside. She's not thin, if anything she's a little overweight and likes to pig out too much.

    Thanks for any help you can provide,

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    How long has the cat been on the dog food?? Or do you know? To be honest there isn't a huge difference in the 2..with the exception of different protein percentages and if I'm not mistaken cat food contains higher amounts of taurine (sp??)...don't quote me on that though because I'm not 100% sure. :wink:

    I don't feed kibbles to my pets, I feed a RAW diet so it's been a while since I have read any bag labels. lol

    Anywho...if the cat has good coat, isn't underweight and has normal stool production I think he'll be fine. If anything the cat being overweight would be the only health concern I would be worried about.

    Hopefully one of the cat owners on this board will chime in soon and can hopefully give you a bit more info on the cat vs. dog food thing.
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      The rule of thumb I was told when we had cats and dogs, that would have been years ago, is, its okay for a cat to eat dog food, but not a dog to eat cat food, simply because there is a certain amount of ash in catfood and it can be seriously deprimental to a dogs health to consume the cat food.
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        I would not encourage it. Being overweight can also come with problems later down the line. Taurine is also an essensial ingredient found in cat food and most of the time not in dog food. And if it is in there it's not in as high amount as it needs to be for cats. I would try to encourage her to offer the correct food. :) You can feed the cat food higher up so the dog cannot reach it.
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          From what I read amongst cat owners, cats should not eat dog food. They simply don't have the amount of nutrients that cats need, one of them being protein. I have also read there is more kinds of fat in dog food.. something cats do not need as much as dogs do. That may be why it is overweight.